Festival of the Vine: Three Things To Know

SEPTEMBER 9-12, 2016

Not all tastings are created equal. And wine is our thing. So we're beyond jazzed to show you just how it's done on this big wine weekend. Here are three things you should know...

1) We will be OPEN on Sunday for your tasting enjoyment.

2) Our special wine and cheese flight is BACK:

first ......... cheese: san simon / cow’s milk / spain
                 wine: priorat blanc / 2011 / ritme / acustic cellar / spain
second ... cheese: delice cremiers / cow’s milk / france
                 wine: pinot noir / 2012 / indalia / spain
third .........cheese: nababbo taleggio / goat milk / italy
                 wine: grenache-syrah blend / 2013 / mas de gourgonnier / france

3) DO make reservations if you can.
You're always welcome to surprise us, but the restaurant has consistently filled up for the last several years and we'd love to see you all.


Preservation is hiring...

If kitchen is your thing, we're looking both kitchen talent and a baker to come open the door every morning and fill the place with heavenly aromas.

If serving is your aspiration, there’s no better place to learn than as a server assistant to some of the best in the business. Join a supportive team and learn the ropes at Preservation.

To learn more, contact Lawrence at preservationbreadandwine@gmail.com